Facetime Vs Whatsapp: Which is better?

No matter what social media application you use, even if its Facetime or Whatsapp or any such similar application, they all are a good way to have a chit chat with your loved ones irrespective of how far away they are from you. Currently, there are endless numbers of such applications making it even more difficult to choose one or rather stick to one. Don’t worry, we will help you narrow down your options.  Service, Quality, number of people using these applications, data consumption, features, etc. are a few of many factors that will help you decide the application for you. 

Facetime vs whatsapp

Let’s get down straight to the point, and start comparing Facetime and Whatsapp.

Device Compatibility

We can’t ignore the fact that Facetime can only be used in apple products like iphones, ipads or Mac Books. It means that both the caller and the receiver have to be mandatorily using apple product. 

Whereas one can use Whatsapp in every OS, be it be Windows PC, Windows Phone, Linux, Android, Apple OS. And also, in order to connect using Whatsapp application, caller and receiver need not be using the same operating system, for an instance, Mr. Alpha, using a  iOS device can contact Mr. Victor Using an Android device. 

This clearly means that number of Whatsapp user is way more than the number Facetime users. More the users, the merrier the application. 

Sharing of Files, Images, Videos, Voice Notes etc.

Unlike Facetime, apart from the basic feature of text chat, voice call, video call, Whatsapp allows us to share documents, images, videos, music files, location, live location, voice notes, etc. which makes it a more resourceful application. Whatsapp even allows setting up text status, video status on your profile. 

Number of simultaneous Connection

Facetime allows only one connection to be made at a time, for an instance if you are using a Facetime ID on your iPhone, you cannot use the same ID in your MacBook at the same time.

On the other hand, if you are using a Whatsapp ID on your Smartphone, you can use the same ID at the same time on your laptop using the Whatsapp web option.

This means that if you want to share any media or document from your PC / Laptop you can use Whatsapp. It won’t be wrong to say that Whatsapp has the ability to one day replace the conventional mailing applications. 

Group Calling / Group Video Chat

In this era of social distancing, owing to the COVID outbreak, Whatsapp and Facetime both allow you to easily connect with your friends and family using the group video call feature, it even allows group audio call. Whatsapp only allows a maximum of eight users to enter a group call which is one fourth of the number allowed by Facetime i.e. Facetime allows 32 user to enter a group call.

SIM Card Requirement

Once you activate your iPhone Facetime can be used when you have an active internet connection, irrespective of whether your SIM card is data or cellular, or even if you don’t have a  SIM card.

Whereas, in order to activate the Whatsapp application you need a SIM card and a phone number. But, after your WhatsApp is activated, you can use it on other devices with or without the SIM card.

Delete Message Options

Delete for everyone option allows Whatsapp users to unsend / delete a message even after its sent i.e the receiver won’t be able to see / read the message once it is deleted by the sender.  

Whereas in Facetime, there is no way to unsend / delete a text message once it sent. There are a few third party applications that allow you to unsend the text messages but with a few limitations. We’ll talk about those applications some other time. 

Cost of Application

Both Facetime and Whatsapp are completely free of cost. They don’t charge you anything to use these applications. Also, both the applications are add free, i.e. you won’t be irritated by the unwanted advertisements every now and then.

Number of Users

There are around 1500 million Whatsapp users across the globe, almost double the number of Facetime users, i.e. 730 million users. And as already discussed, the more the users, the merrier the application.  

Secure Connection

Whatsapp messages are end to end encrypted which indeed is a great security feature. Facetime also uses latest and more evolved encryption algorithms, in addition to this Facetime can only be used on iOS devices which even adds on to the security. Although both the applications are secure, but we will give a thumbs up to Facetime if it comes to making secure connections.  


In my opinion, there would hardly be any Smartphone user, who is not using or has not used Whatsapp application. It is one of the best applications used to connect to your near and dear ones. It has won billions of hearts and the number is increasing while you are reading this. Whatsapp Clearly is the winner here. But before choosing the one for you, go through the aforementioned points and compare it with your need.

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