Facetime VS Google Duo | Which is better?

In the modern era of videotelephony, physical distance is no longer a barrier in communication. As the world evolves the variety of video calling apps ensures your loved ones are never too far. Two of the leading video calling apps right now- Google Duo from Google and FaceTime for pc from Apple Inc are quite a long way ahead of their competitions. But if asked to compare, how do they stack up against one another.

Benefits of FaceTime

Video calling Quality

The highlight of FaceTime has to be the crisp and clear quality of the video. The application can support up to 720p of resolution. This ensures that the video calling experience is never compromised.

Easy to use

The application is fairly straight forward to use. The users need to proceed by entering their Apple ID. Thereafter the process is fairly simple and you call someone as you would do for a normal phone call.

Interface- FaceTime has also focussed heavily on the interface of their app. Their elegant interface evidently prioritizes aesthetic felling to improve the user experience. On top of that, the application also allows you to receive a call when the app is not active. The users further have the option to use the app in landscape or portrait mode according to their convenience. The options to share animoji, stickers, and live pictures also improve the intimacy of the app.

Disadvantages of FaceTime


This is the major downside of the app. FaceTime is a video calling app exclusively for iOS platform. That means unless the person on the other side is an Apple user, it is likely you won’t be able to connect with him/her via this app.

Lack of Versatility

The application does not offer anything much different to their competitors. The features available are not radically different while most of its popularity is down to its availability on Apple devices.

Benefits of Google Duo

Video Quality

Much like its competitor, Google Duo ensures superior quality video calling. The video remains sharp throughout the call while the user also gets to enjoy an uninterrupted calling experience. Moreover, Duo uses AI to optimize the sound during a call for its users.


The interface again for Google Duo is precise and simple. The big and wide icons are fairly easy to recognize for a first time user. It allows the user to begin the call by simply dialing the number of the person they want to call and provide a recently dialed list. And if you prefer, you can also take a snapshot of the moment just by clicking a button. Google Duo also let us host a conference call with a cap set at 12 people.

Features- When it comes to innovation, Google Duo is quite a few steps ahead of other video calling apps. One of the most appealing features of the app is the “Knock Knock”. This allows you to get a glimpse of the real time actions of your caller even before you accept the call. Although that might be a bit creepy for some, Google aims to provide a more spontaneous environment for its users. Similarly, the app also allows you to send video messages to anyone on your contact list.

Disadvantages of Google Duo

Heavy Data Usage

The high quality video calling experience from Google Duo is going to prove costly for you. If used by using mobile data, the high data usage of the app is certain to wipe off a chunk from your data plan.

Simple & Easy to use

Despite its features, the app has one distinct approach- video calling. So if a user is looking to have a all-in-one app, Google Duo is not the application for that.


So which app is better? As anti-climactic as it might sound, the choice is entirely up on the user. If compared side by side, Google Duo does not look to do anything more than what FaceTime does. They both have their objectives set on providing a superior video calling app and both lands perfectly on their target. However one point where Google Duo edges FaceTiime is that it is supported on both iOS and Android. All you need is the phone number of the person you intend to call. But that does not mean Apple users need to shift from FaceTime. Both the competitors have created an app which the user won’t have much to complain about.

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