Facetime Not Working? | How to fix facetime?

FaceTime is a video/audio messaging app designed by Apple, which helps to enjoy our long-distance social/formal interactions with ease. With a promise to deliver the utmost convenience to its customers, Apple regularly updates FaceTime with useful features, which makes our lives a little easier. But unlike any other app, it is bound to give you trouble. 

Though it is quite rare, there may be some instances when FaceTime is unable to function smoothly on your iOS device. Either there is a server issue or it just keeps crashing, period. if you are planning to use facetime on PC, check out our guide facetime for windows.

Why my FaceTime is not working?

A problem is an uninvited guest and apps are no stranger to it. If FaceTime on your device is not functional, there are a list of 10 checks that you can do to get it started. Let’s take a look at it. 

Apple is to blame

Log on to Apple System Status site to check whether the company has mentioned anything about updating the FaceTime servers. If you find something positive related to it, you have to wait a while because the server is down. You can’t access FaceTime till the company is done with its work and the servers are back online. 

Check internet connection

FaceTime requires a stable internet connection and without it, the app won’t function. So, check your WiFi or mobile data connection. Make sure that your WiFi router is working properly. In the case of a mobile data connection, remember to turn on ‘Use Mobile Data’ for FaceTime. 

Software update

Many people don’t like to update the software on their devices because of slowdowns. But there is one thing that they need to remember. Apple brings out new software updates for its devices. In that, it releases bug fixes/new features for FaceTime as well. If your device is not running the latest iOS update, there are high chances that FaceTime won’t work. So, make sure to frequently update your iOS devices. 

FaceTime should be ON

If you have tried the above steps and FaceTime is not working, just go to the settings on the iOS device and tap on FaceTime. See whether it is activated on your device. If not, switch it on. 

Correct Apple id

FaceTime works with the help of an Apple id. In case you have entered the wrong id, FaceTime will not work. On an iOS device, go to settings -> FaceTime -> check the id. If you want to change the id, click on sign out and enter the new one. 

FaceTime won’t activate

When you buy a new iOS device and log on to FaceTime, it will display ‘Waiting for activation’. If it is stuck on it, switch it off and turn it back on. This will sort the issue. 

Correct contact details

Many people complain that they are unable to get FaceTime calls on their devices. Well, there is an obvious solution to it. Go to FaceTime settings and check the details provided under ‘You can be reached by FaceTime at’. Make the changes if required. Remember to share the correct contact details with the person who is trying to contact you. 

Go through the blocked list- 

When you log on to FaceTime settings, you will see an option ‘blocked contacts’. Check out the list for the name of the person who is trying to contact you. If (s)he is accidentally a part of the list, click on edit -> click on ‘Remove’ -> press ‘Unblock’. 

FaceTime can’t be installed

In 2020, there are still a few countries where FaceTime is not available/activated. For example, if you purchase an iOS device from Pakistan, FaceTime won’t function. So, plan your purchases accordingly. 

Just restart Facetime

We turn to the restart option when nothing else works. It refreshes the software and wipes away any code that is not in line. Most of the time, it helps to sort out the FaceTime issue. 

If FaceTime on your device is not working (even after following the above checks), it is time to book an appointment with the Apple officials. 

If facetime still does work and you have to make a video call. You can go for other facetime alternatives.

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