Facetime for Android | Best Alternatives for Facetime

Want to use Facetime for android or Windows

Sadly, facetime is not available on android. But don’t worry. 

We know you love Facetime, and its features and its User Interface, what if we offer you better, come on let’s check out the best alternatives to facetime for android. 


Skype being 17-year-old application is still one of the most used telecommunication applications and is well known for providing unblemished and uninterruptable video calling and voice calling services. It also provides instant messaging services. This application can be used on Computers, smartphones (Both Android and ios, even on windows phone as well), Xbox console, Smartwatches, etc. It is used by around 100 million users every month and around 40 million users daily. If we talk about its security, Skype allows us to make secure connections as it supports end-to-end encryption across all platforms. Also, Facetime allows only 32 people on a group call whereas Skype allows 50 people to connect on a group call. On top of it, Skype has an inbuilt translator that can translate around 10 languages on a video call and 50 languages over chat. Over and above this you can connect your SMS to Skype. This clearly makes Skype a great alternative to Facetime for Android.

Google Duo

Another good alternative you can consider is Google Duo. If you have a low bandwidth internet connection, Google duo is the one for you. It is one of a few applications available that support 720 pixel HD video calling that too on a low bandwidth internet connection using webRTC and QUIC over UDP. If the bandwidth is too low, it will still provide an interrupted calling experience by downgrading the call quality a bit, but don’t worry, you’ll hardly notice the change. Talking about security, like many other applications, the connections are end to end encrypted. It allows a group call of upto twelve users. 

Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger, or Whatsapp, is an eleven year old application, which continues to rule the play store and app store as one of the most downloaded and widely used applications. From voice call, video calls to sharing documents, images, locations, videos, voice notes etc, you name it and they have got you covered. Whatsapp can be used in every OS, be it be Windows PC, Windows Phone, Linux, Android, Apple OS. If you are using a Whatsapp ID on your Smartphone, you can use the same ID at the same time on your laptop using Whatsapp web option. This means that if you want to share any media or document from your PC / Laptop you can use Whatsapp. It won’t be wrong to say that Whatsapp has the ability to one day replace the conventional mailing applications. Delete for everyone option allows Whatsapp users to unsend / delete a message even after its sent i.e. the receiver won’t be able to see / read the message once it is deleted by the sender. Whatsapp messages are end to end encrypted which indeed is a great security feature.

Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger, commonly known as Messenger is an instant messaging platform owned by Facebook. Facebook Messenger’s PC and mobile version allow its user to use the application from anywhere to everywhere. It has an option of secret conversation, which enables the user to make a one on one connection using a signal protocol and the user has an option to send self-destructive messages, the messages remove permanently following an optional time period.


Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app developed by Snap Inc. The standard feature of the application is that the media or messages shared using the application are available for a limited period of time, decided by the sender. However, it has a feature of audio call and video call. It even allows its users to make a group call with up to sixteen users. It also notifies the sender if the receiver takes screenshot or captures the screen. It has a user base of around 230 million daily active users, and around four billion messages/snaps are sent on a daily basis. 


Zoom is a video conferencing software program developed by Zoom Video Communications. It has gained popularity during the current COVID19 breakdown. Almost every other official video conference is held over zoom. It is a popular and widely used application by most of the schools these days. Zoom is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. Owing to its simple User Interface, it can easily be used by a technical noob. It also allows its user to select a virtual background. It is free for upto 100 participants. It has a time limit of 40 minutes for more than two participants. You can increase the time limit by making in app purchases. The meetings that take place are password protected. The early birds have a waiting room where they can wait for the meetings to start. 

We have tried to cover all the best and trending options available, in case we missed something you can feel free to comment.

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